My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some new LOs

I worked on a couple more LOs today. Both are scraplifts off of and Robinzberdz.

I just love this pic of Victoria. It really shows her personality. Girly, but still kind of tomboyish and always acting silly.

I finally used a sheet of my Magnolia paper pad. I used one of the Bazzill shaped cardstock sheets to trace the pattern onto the back of my paper and then I hand cut with my Cutterbees. Wasn't as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be:) I also used some of my new Prima Sprites and some of my Primas from my bra...or panties...can't remember which one;) I cut the swirlies with my Wishblade.

The pic is Victoria and Shelby at the Fiesta party last week. Shelby was the first friend Victoria made in Kindergarten. She just loves her!!!

Well, we are getting some more rain here tonight. Not bad at all though. The worst has passed us over, but still getting a little rain and some thunder. I'm heading to bed early though cause I am tired. I hope to get a little more scrapping done tomorrow.

Victoria has a field trip to a nursing home where they are going to read to the eldery. I really wish I could come, but they didn't ask for chaparones this time. It's not a long trip. She is really excited about it and glad that she has gotten better at the books they are reading tomorrow. She was also really psyched afterschool today cause she did really well at counting to 100 today without being prompted. She was soo proud and kept mentioning it:)

K...I am off to bed. Goodnight all:)


Tammy said...

Your layouts today are gorgeous girl... Especially love that top one, can I lift it?

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i love that top one it's just gorgeous. Wow you sure are on roll your getting heaps done and gorgeous work girl

Lal said...

OOOO, I love them both! I like the title you came up with for the first one...very creative! I love how you did the letters! Is that All Mixed Up that you used for that? The one of V and Shelby is too cute too!! Give me some of the mojo're hogging it! LOL

GINAJAM said...

love your layouts. the one on top...what are those flowers and hearts? are they from the cricut? if so, which font? I love them!!