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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For some reason, I couldn't finish adding on my previous post...??? So I have to start another one:(

Besides the two poses from the previous post, we got three other poses framed. It looks really nice:) I was very happy with the whole experience there. I'd love to take the kids to take a pic there to give my mom for Xmas or something:)

Yesterday both kids had their awards ceremonies. Mattie's was first thing in the morning.
Mattie will be going into the seventh grade next year and my baby is going into the first!!! Big day yesterday:) So today is the last day. They both took cameras to take pics. I hope they get some good ones;) Most of my pics from yesterday did not come out very well. I always have such a hard time adjusting for indoors photos where it isn't very bright:( Anyone have any advice???

I think that sums up my week. Or at least the interesting stuff:) I have tons of house chores to do today since Steve was off for three days and we did alot of running around and catching up with stuff we needed to get done.

I renewed my ID yesterday and plan on going back next week to take the written part of my driving test:) Also had to go and get a new filter for our fridge. The water wasn't tasting so great:( Then I got the wrong one and we had to go back and return it. Of course, no one else thinks to look at the filter...sigh...We also took the kids to Craft Night at McD's. They made Shrek crowns. I still need to upload those pics.

Well, I am off to clean like a mad person. Will write more later.

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