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My Scrap Space

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday

So this week was Teacher Appreciation week at school. Victoria took Mrs. Jensen some jewelery she picked out herself, some chocolates and some flowers. She was very proud of herself. I wanted to make her something special to remember her class from this year. While browsing the gallery at, I came across this absolutely gorgeous altered canvas someone had made for a teacher as well. So I was on a mission.

The whole process actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. I completed the whole project yesterday while the kids were in school. The hardest part was trying to Modge Podge the paper to the canvas. That did NOT work very well. I ended up stapling the papers edges and then adding a coat over it all. It didn't look all that great; kind of wrinkly, but the pics and embellies did an excellent job of covering that up:)

So here it is:

So I was quite apprehensive about giving this to her since I don't normally scrap for other people, but when I took it to her this morning, she was absolutely thrilled. She loved it and showed it around to all the other teachers in the hallway:) I am so glad that she liked it.

I also made her this little card thanking her for making Victoria's first year at school such a great one. Victoria just loved kindergarten and she loved Mrs. Jensen:)

Tomorrow we are cropping at 911 and I don't have a single solitary idea in my head:( I was thinking I'd make a smaller version of the altered canvas for Victoria's book because I eventually want to do that, so I may just work on that. Also wanted to scrap a pic of Victoria and Mrs. Jensen along with a note that she wrote her thanking her for the gifts she brought her this week. I am just stumped on details...what papers to use, how to lay it all out, etc. etc. etc...I need to get moving, but I'm just feeling a little unmotivated and pressured to come up with something...Waaahhhh...


Tammy said...

You did an EXCELLENT job on that!! It looks great!

scrapbook911 said...

cute looks great!

you plan ahead for crops? you are good! i grab and go and hope that a miracle will happen when i get there. LOL!

see ya tonight!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i'm not surprised she loved it, it's gorgeous