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My Scrap Space

Monday, April 30, 2007

Other than Shopping...

So besides all the shopping I got done over the weekend...

The trip to Austin was nice aside from the expo. Even though it's pretty close, I'd never really been there before. We drove through town and I just loved it. So many shops and stores and bars...everything looked so cool. All these funky signs and things:) I would really like to go back and just walk around downtown and see more. It was all so pretty and green. Lots of parks. We even saw a few birthday parties going on:)

So after the expo we had lunch and then checked out the Hobby Lobby there and the Jo Ann's Superstore!!! On the way into town I just had to stop in at my fave place...911:)

When we got home we tried calling Steve's mom, but couldn't get a hold of her. She watched the kids that day and had to go to church so she took them with her. So we just went ahead and headed out to dinner and drinks:)

Afterwards we headed to my inlaws. Besides going to church they had gone to the movies and out to eat during the day. Victoria had two little friends over that live across the street from my MILs. When it was time to go, she decided she wanted to stay the night and her to little friends stayed over too. This was her first ever sleep over!!! Mattie stayed as well so we came back home and picked up some clothes for them and then came back home and watched some TV and went to bed pretty early.

Sunday started out pretty good. Got to sleep in with the kids gone:) We had breakfast and read the morning paper. Then we talked to my MIL who suggested we take in a movie:) We went to the first showing of the day at Huebner and watched Blades of Glory. It was really funny. Although I think it's really more of a guy movie cause Steve laughed like a crazy person...(rolling eyes). I mean, it WAS funny, but come on...

We met the kids and my inlaws for lunch where Victoria had brought another one of her little friends who live across the street from my MILs:)

We wrapped up our day after that. Just went to do our weekly grocery shopping. While we were in Walmart, it started pouring...just as we were getting ready to check out. I mean POURING. The sound just got louder and louder in the store and everyone just kind of stopped and looked around at each other. Thankfully, it didn't last long so we were able to get out of there pretty fast.

It was a nice relaxing weekend I must say:)


Lal said...

Looks we both got some kid free time! :)

GINAJAM said...

i didn't know there was a show in Austin!! which one was it? i'm so jealous of all fo the shopping you did! you got some really good stuff.