My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sorry for being MIA the last several days. Busy, busy around here. Not to mention that I kind of caught a little cold or something after the night that we did Oyster Bake:( Awful sore throat and the usual that come with:( I am feeling somewhat better today.

We had one major storm last night. It actually woke me up. All the rain and wind and crashing thunder. I was the only one awake though. The kids didn't even stir. Today looks gorgeous though:)

On Friday Victoria is having some little Fiesta themed activities at school. One is a Fiesta Float Parade. This is too cute. The kids all made shoebox floats and then they parade them around the school for all the others to see. Only the kindergartners make floats, but all grades get to come to the "parade":) So we (and by we, I mean mostly me:) have been working on this for the last couple of days. It was VERY time consuming, but this is what we came up with:

Originally Victoria wanted to do a princess float, but I was having some trouble coming up with some good ideas and this is more within the "fiesta" theme, I think:) She LOVED it.

So besides the "parade" they are also having a Fiesta party. All the kids had to bring something themed from the list. We were assigned bunuelos. For those of you who don't know what those are, they are like those cinnamon sugar crispy thingies;) I personally don't like them. WAAAAYYY too much sugar, but for a bunch of 5 and 6 years olds, I am sure it will be pure heaven:)

So Steve went to get them after Mattie's report card conference last night and he couldn't find any around our area and had to drive all the way across town to pick up the last two bags at another HEB.

I am hoping to do some scrapping today, but I'll see how far I can get with my chores and stuff.

I do have some yummy goodie pics to share of some things I picked up at Hobby Lobby the other day:

Here's two more Heidi Swapp stamps I got in from Cherry On Top. I am having such a time finding them all in one place so I have to keep getting a couple here and there. I think I ALMOST have them all:)


Megan H. said...

That float is too cute! You did an awesome job. It's funny you were talking about bunuelos. I haven't thought about those in years, but they were one of my favorite foods when I was a kid (probably because of the sugar). Wish they had them here in New England.

Lal said...

I love the float! So cute! All that hard work was worth it! I'd make Victoria keep it after all the time you spent on it! Dang, do you ever NOT shop??? LOL

Tammy said...

LOVE those floats!! Sooo cute!