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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're Half Way There...

No, not the lyrics to the old Bon Jovi song although I do LOVE that song AND Bon Jovi:) It's Wednesday!!! Half way to the end of the week;) The weather here is gorgeous today unlike yesterday's rainy glummy uckiness. So far I have had a pretty good week;) I got my brand new couch on Monday. I had to go pick it up from Lal's cause my mom had them both delivered there. I LOVE it. It's so pretty and NEW:)

I caught up with an old friend yesterday which was just the absolute best. It's great finding old friends:)

I started working on this last night. I got the idea from Lal who mentioned about stamping and coloring in the images. So I did this entirely with my Autumn Leaves stamps and my American Craft and Sharpie markers. I stamped the images last night and started coloring some of them in, but I finished it up this morning. I had to let the ink dry for a while before I attempted to color in or else the ink will run and smudge:(

So here it is:

Thanks for looking:)


Lal said...

It IS such a pretty day today. I'll probably take Mikey outside again today for a while to maybe burn off some of this NEVER ENDING energy he has!
Your LO is so pretty!! I love all the flowers! I'm going to TRY to work on mine later. I already printed out the pics. I think I'll use my Freestyle alpha stamps.
Ahh...old friends! Wish I could run into one! :)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

love this so much, the stamps look gorgeous, i think i need to get me some of them pens too

Tammy said...

I really love this layout Esmie, its beautiful... I love all of the flowers... So pretty...