My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Almost There!!!

I've almost reached my goal of 100 LOs for this year. These two bring me to 98!!! Only two more to go:)

Today we had our ARD meeting for Mattie. It went really well and he is making very good progress. Getting good grades in all of his classes. Hopefully he will be able to pass the TAKS when the time comes.

Steve took the rest of the day off after the meeting. We went out to breakfast then did some shopping:) I went to M's to look for something that I need for a little project I am working on. Thankfully I was able to find it cause none of the other stores had any more:( I'm going to work on this tomorrow, so I'll post a pic soon;)

We also went by Garden Ridge. Hadn't been there in like forever, but Steve was looking for some Halloween always:) We found all those little Halloween village thingies;) He had already picked up a few at M's on sale, but they were 75% off at Garden Ridge so he got quite a few. He set it all up as soon as we got home. I cleared up the space on the coffee table so he could put it all out. I know how much he loves that stuff.

I also set up a couple of Fall decorations in our entry way. I got the cute little scarecrows at Garden Ridge too and they were 1/2 off, so even better:)

These two smaller scarecrows I've had for a while. I can't remember where I got them. The "basket" they are in, I just got at J's a few weeks back:)

It's late and I gotta hit the hay, so I'll finish updating this post tomorrow. Good night:)


Lal said...

LOVE both of the LO's!! I'm going to have to remember to lift them both! And the scarecrows are too cute!!

Melonie said...

Congrats on nearing 100 LO's. Love the 2 you posted today. Your decorations are way cute too.

Ginajam said...

You are soo close! I can't believe you're almost at 100 layouts. That is too cool. And all of the cute Halloween stuff is fun!! I am so bummed, cause I had to take all my stuff down when we put the house back on the market:-(
Hope you have agreat weekend!!