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My Scrap Space

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chill Day...

So it's just me and V here today. I dropped Mattie off at my mom's yesterday afternoon and Steve is at work. After work he's taking Stevie and a couple of friend to Nightmare on Greyson or Terror Mansion.

So I took V to Chuck E. Cheese's earlier. We shared a little pizza, played some games and she won herself a cotton candy. She LOVES cotton candy;)

Afterwards, we crossed over to Target. Didn't buy anything though. I debated driving to M's at the Rim, but we just came back home instead.

Yesterday me and Lal spent the day together. We met up at Crossroads. I had to meet Steve there too to give him a new checkbook and he got there first so we went over to Denny's and had breakfast.

Met Lal up at Target and we went from there. We were jean shopping, but we couldn't find anything we liked at Target. All the jeans are super low rise. I think we are well beyond that:( Went and washed my truck that needed it so badly. Nice and shiny now...for now.

We wanted to drive out to SB Heaven and check out the new location and stuff. So we drove over and it was closed!!! They were supposed to reopen last Monday and they are still not open. There was stuff all over the place and noone was even there getting things ready. The store was closed and empty and nowhere near opening. Don't know what's up there, but the least they can do is update the store website.

So we went to Big Lots and $ Tree, then Walmart. Found some really cute, great priced jeans at Walmart. Yay!!! I picked up 2 pairs. So happy cause I had none that fit:(

Lal and I also exchanged our birthday gifts yesterday. Here is what I got:

LOVE the CI papers!!! I can't wait to use them...or just admire them;) And all that Magic Mesh. Ooo.

I can't remember if I posted a pic of my project, but this is something I made for Lal and one for myself:

So I made Lal one of these as part of her birthday gift. I also got her the McGill ticket punch that she'd really been wanting and one of the new Studio G clear stamps (the Faith one) and an Imaginisce little bird stamp. WAY cute. Maybe Lal will post a pic of her goodies later:) I also went by M's last night and got these goodies for her too:) Can you feel the birthday love??? ;)

I also picked up some MM Fa La La paper at M's last night. I'd already picked some up at 911 a while back, but I didn't have the artisan one:) So I picked up 2 sheets.

I got this really cool DS game at Best Buy last night. It's kind of a Clue type game. Really fun, so I'm gonna go lie on the couch and play for a while:) Have a great evening everyone:)


Lal said...

I'm waiting for you to bring me my other stuff to take pics of it all together! Also going to post pics of our Sneaky goodies!

Estee said...

Hey!!! Did I miss your birthday? I am *so* bad at stuff like that!! Happy Birthday!!!

It sounds like you had a fun day!!

Oh yeah... I almost forgot! I bought my tulle at Hobby Lobby for .77 cents a yard. I bought 8 yards total. It probably didn't need to be as full as I made it, but I just kind of went crazy with it! :)