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My Scrap Space

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Much to Share:)...

For some reason I have been really lazy about blogging. Maybe because I feel like there really isn't anything very exciting going on.

Vday came and went. Steve bought me this wall frame from T's that I wanted and also got me roses, chocolates and a very nice card. We got the kids some little gifts and also the Madagascar 2 movie. I LOVE that movie. Oh, Steve also brought us breakfast early that morning so we ate and watched the movie before he went to work.

I got some pretty good shots of V on Friday; the day before Vday. I used those big pops. I found some at Walgreens cause I missed the ones at T's. Here's just a few...
I still need to take pics of Mattie with the pop. I saw some good ideas on Teresa Collin's blog. I did get one of them together though...Ugh!!! Mattie was so in desperate need of a haircut here:( He finally got somewhat of a cut on Sunday. I'm having Steve cut it again on Saturday cause it's just not short enough around like I like it. Mark went and took him to get it done...what does he know??? :(

Sometime on Friday my internet went out...along with my phone and cable. They are all connected. We didn't get it back up until Sunday evening.

Saturday V went to my MILs and I just chilled here at home; watched some movies cause there wasn't much else I could do. I also baked some Valentine cupcakes for the kids...

V spent the night with my inlaws and when Steve got home we went out to eat. We went to Zio's first and there was an hour wait so we decided to try somewhere else. We tried Macaroni Grill and there was a 2-3 hour wait there!!! They were even behind on reservations!!! So it's getting later and I am anticipating we are going to run into this wherever we go so we drove around a little. We passed up Pei Wei's and it didn't look to crowded so we stopped and ate there. We had to sit at the bar, but it was pretty cool; like watching live Food Network while we ate. Food AND entertainment;)

Sunday we ran around a bit. Went by 911 to pick up some things. Went by T's. I bought Steve his birthday present. His birthday was on Tuesday. He'd been wanting the PSP, so that's what I got him. Of course, he loved it:) Came home early to be home in time for the cable company.

Monday the kids were off from school for President's Day. I did my grocery shopping early and then ran the kids to Skecher's for new shoes. I ran by M's afterwards to use some 50% off coupons that were in the ad. There wasn't much. They still have lots on clearance. I am so anxious for the new stuff to start coming in. I am hearing some good things on the boards about stores that are already getting their new stock in. So exciting...hee hee. But anyway, I just got a couple of packs of Primas from the Designer Corner.

Tueday for Steve's birthday, his mom made him a cake and some dinner, so he went by his mom's after work. He brought the cake home and we did that here...
Don't you just love that look on V's face??? That girl is SOME drama...sigh... I got some video of him blowing out his candles, but didn't get to get some good pics of when the candles were lit:(

I'm just not too happy with the way this one turned out:( Not like I had imagined, but oh, well...I used Paper Studio grid paper, some new MME and older MME paper and a diecut. Bazzill paper flower, K&Co. Wild Raspberry border, MM journaling page, button and two Sizzix cut swirlies.This one I absolutely LOOOVVVEEE!!! It's a pic of V and Ariel the other night. I was watching her for Ruby cause they were getting all their stuff out for the Brush Pick-up. As always V wanted to hold her and I quick grabbed my camera and snapped some cute shots. Then she got fussy and I rocked her to sleep. We pulled out this music carousel of V's and she sat real quiet like and just listened. Then I gave her her binky and rocked her and she fell fast asleep holding onto my finger. LOVE her:)

I made the pic sepia toned. Papers are MM; Vday and old Chelsea's Place; the viney/flowers are also cut from a sheet of this line. MM journaling sheet (Noteworthy). Strip of MME at the bottom that I cut into that shape by tracing a Sassafras Lass border onto it and cutting it out. Paper Studio music note pp, MME diecut, some Prima Sprites w/ an adhesive gem in the center and a cake doilie.

Ruby and I hung out a couple days this past week; did a little bit of shopping.For the last few days I have also been Wii Fit-ing. I gotta do something. I'm just so unmovitated:( I hope the weather starts warming up a little in the am so I can go walking/running outdoors. It's just not the same being on the Eliptical and staring at the wall:(

Hopefully it won't be long until the next time I blog:)


Lal said...

You FINALLY updated! Of course, I already know all this stuff! :) But LOL at that face Victoria is making! Priceless!

Ginajam said...

Your valentine pics turned out soo cute! Mmmm...those cupcakes look so good. Now I wanna make some :-)