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Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, the Drama of it All...

So last week, I believe it was on Wednesday, I got a call from my son about 10:30am or so from school informing me that he got hurt. I am thinking he fell in gym, got hit with a ball..something along those lines. Turns out some kid shot a rubber band at his face at CLOSE range. He was actually walking up behind him and shot right at his face!!! It broke the skin. My son, unfortunately, didn't say anything. The teacher was even IN the room and didn't see this happen. That makes me more than a little angry. I am sending my kid to school and the teacher can't even keep an eye on the class...???!!!

I worry that the reason he didn't say anything was out of fear. That this kid is intimidating him into not saying anything. Or that he fears what this kid might do to him if he says something:(

So he gets to 3rd period where his teacher notices the "mark" on his face and asks him about it and then he tells and the teacher in turn goes and reports it to the 1st period teacher and he gets sent to the nurse which is when I got the call.

He had to write out a statement about what happened. I was told by the VP that the kid apologized, but would not admit to the "crime". Doesn't make sense here, does it??? So it's basically word against word. NOONE saw anything. How odd...sigh...

So this kid was suspened...something...they won't give us that information, but I want to know if/when he is coming back because I don't want him anywhere near my son. He has his for 1st and 7th period. One too many classes if you ask me.

So we were encouraged to press charges which we are doing and we will just have to wait and see how this goes. It enrages me SO that it seems that you have to wait until some major tragedy occurs for these types of kids to get dealt with and usually they end up taking innocent people down with them in the process. What has our world come to???!!! :(

Things are just so different now and it's so sad that we have to live in fear of children and their actions. So different from when we were kids:(

We met at the school today to discuss things and they will continue with the charging process. Now it's just a waiting game. I will have to send my kid off to school every morning and worry that he is OK. This has been very nerve wracking:(

I only pray that God will watch over him and keep him safe and that HE will work this all out for us. So please...any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Whew!!!...on a lighter note... I have some goodies for sale. If anyone is intersted, please leave me a message here with an email to contact you or email me at:

I have several packs of these. They are MM Sabrina line which is exclusive to M's. They sell for $14.99. I am asking $10 plus shipping. There are 24 sheets; 4 of 6 designs.

So Friday Lal and I hung out. I met her at Crossroads. We just went by T's there and then we headed to The Rim. We went to M's and T's over there. Picked up some goodies and did a little Vday shopping for the kids goodies...

The diecuts and the borders are from M's; new K&Co. Madeline and Wild Raspberry. They had some of the embellies out, but not the papers. I really want the papers (my paper addiction;)...The older K&Co. chipboard words are also from M's. They were on clearance for $1!!! I always have trouble with title and I LOVE things like this cause I can add an instant brain work required;) The page kit in back is from T's. It's Marcella by Kay and it was also on clearance, but only 30%, but that's better than nothing;) Some of the new Studio G Easter wood stamps. And I just LOVE that little bird in a cage stamp. Got that at M's too on sale for 25% off. It made me think of those new BG stamps that are coming out; the ones with the little bird cages. I SO want those!!! The inchie stamps are from J's as well as the pink glitter glue. I picked those up Saturday, but threw then in when I took the pic of my Friday goodies to kill two birds with one stone:)Another really cool M's find. I found two boxes on Friday and the other 3 on Saturday at a different store. $1!!!

Saturday Stevie stood in his stepsister's Quience (15th birthday) in Natalia so we drove out there for the church service. We didn't stay for the reception cause that didn't start until 6pm and the church service was over at 4pm. Too long of a wait with nothing to do or anywhere to go and it's just too much a drive to come back so late so we decided against. We didn't get very good pics of the actual service, but I got a pic of V at my inlaws before we left...

Mattie spent the weekend at my mom's so it was just the 3 of us. After we got back in town I stopped at M's and then at 911 and just picked up a couple of things. No biggie;)LOVE, LOVE the BG paper with the little bird cages. And the chipboard house I wanted to make some type of mini family LO with, but now I'm thinking I should have snagged up a few more to make a mini album. Gonna see if I can get some put on hold for me to pick up later this week.

Saturday V spent the day at my inlaws and we took in a movie. We went to go see Push. It was good. Not great, but not awful either. The kids both saw Coroline. V with my inlaws and Mattie with Lal. Kind of wish we'd seen that one too cause now both kids have seen it. Guess we'll wait until it goes to DVD to watch ourselves.

So today after I got back from our meeting, I invited my neighbor, Ruby to breakfast. Ariel is getting so big. She is SO adorable. I love seeing her grow:)

Today is cleaning day and I got a kind of late start so I'm still trying to finish that up. I'm ALMOST done, but this will free up the rest of my week. Steve went with me to do our grocery shopping yesterday so that is one less chore off my week. Yay!!!

Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of the week. Off to feed my kiddies dinner:)

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