My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One For Today...

I did a quick lift off of Stephanie Howell's blog. She does some amazing work and I love reading her blog:)

I used MM paper, Amy Butler pp, HS damask stickers, Stampin' Up scallop border punch on the Amy Butler pp, K&Co. Madeline diecuts and some adhesive gems.

Today I took back my movie to the red box and rented Tyler Perry's movie The Family That Preys. Excellent movie. I really enjoyed it and want to see a couple of his other movies.

Not much else going on around here.

Today when I picked Mattie up from tutoring which was just a few minutes ago, he tells me that this kid (the rubber band kid) asked him in 7th period, if he was ready to go to court. For one, that kid shouldn't be anywhere near Mattie for any reason. He has no reason and secondly HE is the only one going to court. I also doubt it's tomorrow cause the school officer told us he would filing the paper work most likely next week cause he was going to be away for a few days. So I'm not sure if he's saying it to him in a threatening way and it's not like I can ask Mattie and he can interpret...sigh. He also didn't go and say anything despite the MILLION times I told him to do so if this kid came anywhere near him. I guess he figured since he wasn't hitting him that didn't count. Ugh!!! He is not making this any easier. So I am having him go to the VP or officer FIRST thing in the am to let them know about this.

Off for now.

***Per request, the link to Stephanie Howell's blog...***


Lal said...

LOVE the LO! Which Amy Butler pp is that? From a pad? I needs me some more of those HS clear stickers in the black damask. Ugh, I'm wanting to kick some 8th grade bootie! Yeah, Mattie definately should have said something and that kid has no business going up to him and talking to him. Please let me know what happens tomorrow with all that.

Ginajam said...

ok that layout is beautiful!! i also love stephanie h.

Vera Matson said...

Hey! I've been looking at your blog for some time now and I love how you really get a lot of layouts done! Very inspiring!

By the way, I tried to find Stephanie Howell's blog and I couldn't find it? what's the site address? Thanks!