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My Scrap Space

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mario Kart Racing Mania:)

So Monday is Matthew's birthday. We are celebrating tomorrow though. We are meeting up at Dave and Buster's and doing our cake/gifts there:) One of the big things on the list this year was Mario Kart Racing for the Wii. I had no idea how popular this game was.

I remember seeing it in the stores when it first came out and even after. I thought I had plenty of time to get it. I told myself I'd start doing my birthday shopping the first week of July. Well, I think I might have even started looking a little before that, but that game was nowhere to be found. Everyone was sold out...Game Stop, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, one had it. Game Stop said they weren't getting any in until late August!!! Ugh!!! This totally reminded me of the Wii drama of Christmas:(

So I pretty much gave up rather quickly on trying to find this game. I wasn't about to drive all over town trying to find it. Was just gonna chalk it up as a life lesson and not procrastinate next time. Live and learn:)

Well, just a few days later while I was out running around, Steve called me and said they had a used copy of the game at Blockbuster. I had managed to buy a wheel at Walmart for $10. Everyone else had them for $15 or more, so I figured the used game would be just fine. Better than no game at all.

So he says they are holding it so I rush right over. I get there and I ask the guy about it and he pulls it out from under the counter and lo and is a brand new box WITH the wheel!!! Woo hoo!!! Super excited. So now we have an extra wheel, but that will work for two players so the other player doesn't have to use the regular controller:)

So today I spent the better part of the day making Mattie's Wii inspired cake;) I can't take all the credit for this though. I totally got the idea from Estee's race car cake she made for Maddux's recent birthday:) I LOVED it the minute I saw it and couldn't think of how to incorporate this cake into a theme for Mattie. Then I thought of the game.

The idea hit me kind of late in the week so I had to improvise on some things. I saw these REALLY cool Mario Kart Racing pull back mini cars that I SO wanted for cake toppers, but the store was in Hong Kong!!! I'm sure they would not have made it here on time. So I got this idea and then relayed it to Steve and this is what we came up with:

We made the little race cars out of some Lego pieces that are a part of a Lego Racing board game that once belonged to Stevie. I bought it for him a LONG time ago:) But Victoria now plays with it. These worked out great IMO;) We made one other car with Bowser on it, but I think it would have been a little crowded on top of the cake so I left him off:(

Not much else going on around here latey. I'll upload tomorrow, hopefully with lots of great "party " pics:)

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