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My Scrap Space

Friday, May 30, 2008


So I called the guy who sold me the car (Darwin) yesterday afternoon to get an update, as they had not called me. The guy who answered (Matt)said the guy (Darwin) wasn't in yet, but he was going to see what he could find out and call me back. Well...noone called me back:(

I called in to the main dealer this morning and the guy who I dropped the car off with last week (Steve) tells me that the guy who sold me the car (Darwin) took it to get fixed...???!!! So he says call over there and find out what's going on or call him back if I can't get any answers.

So I call the other place and the guy who answers the phone (David) asks me if I'm the one waiting on the Chevy truck. I guess they'd already gotten the "heads up" that I was going to be calling...Hmmm...Anyway, he tells me the part hasn't come in yet!!! OMG!!! That pissed me off!!! And when exactly were they going to call and let me know???!!! So he says that parts usually come in on Mondays or Thursdays, but since Monday was a holiday, it might come in today or else it could be next Monday or Thursday or many days are left???!!!

So I asked how long he thought it was going to take and he says..."Well, we are kind of at the mercy of the dealer. Whenever they decided to send us the part"...Ugh!!! Well, at least I have something to drive in the meantime, but I just want my truck back already!!! I hate the inconvenience of it all:(

Nothing else to share. Just my morning drama.'s actually kind of cool today. Weird, but it is. Nice and breezy and not at all uncomfortable. Gotta enjoy this while it lasts:)

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