My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not much going on...

The weather is just SO hot. I can't imagine what summer is going to be like:(

This past week...last Thursday to be exact, I had to take my truck in to the dealer. They were going to work on a brake light and detail it for me. So we go in and the guy says they may have to send it to Chevy...which they ended up doing. So we have to get shuttled back home and they keep my truck:( I get a call back on Friday that a part needed to be replaced and it won't be in until this Tuesday...Waaahhh, but the guy who sold me the car says I can go in and he'll hook me up with something to drive in the meantime. Yay!!! So I go in on Saturday and they put me in a 2006 La Crosse. It drives SO smooth:)

So we had a long weekend with the Memorial Day holiday and all. The kids were off on Monday. Sunday the kids spent the day at the inlaws and we took a drive up to Austin to hit the Archiver's sale. Wasn't much of a sale, but I got some cool things I'd been wanting:

Also hit some BLs stores there to see if I could find any different BG goodies. This is what I found:)On Monday we hit the first show and took the kids to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was really good. We also bought our swimming pool. We should be setting it up pretty soon. The kids only go to school until the 4th of June so we are aiming to get it up by then:)

So not much else to tell. If I think of something else super interesting I need to share, I'll come back and update;)

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Estee said...

I am always amazed at the fun scrappy stuff that you find! I am so jealous!!

Hope that your vehicle is fixed soon! I hate bouncing back and forth between vehicles, especially when there is so much stuff that I need in my car!! I swear it is an extension of my house!! :)