My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Organizing...

So I really wasn't liking the look of the black storage unit. It didn't match anything else. I mean, it was cute and all and I liked cute everything looked on it, but in the back of my mind it was irking me:(

So I was at Target this morning and found something more along the lines of what I had originally been looking for.

I'm liking this alot better. I am thinking though that I am going to get some canvas baskets for some of this stuff. Like maybe alternate diagonally with the baskets, you know what I mean. Like maybe baskets in the ones with the open backs. I want the bottles of flowers out cause they look so pretty:), but I'm thinking like the bags of buttons and the glazes should go in a baskets as well as the MM paints. I think they looked cuter on the other shelf for some reason, but anyway...what do you think??? Yay/Nay on the baskets???

So I ran a few errands today. Went by HL to get a punch that was 1/2 off, but didn't find it. I guess they ran out with the sale. I want the Paper Studio XL scalloped circle punch, but they only had the L. I got that one, but I am keeping my eye out for the other. I REALLY want it for some cards I want to make my friends and family for Vday:)

Also went to Walmart to do my grocery shopping and ran into something that I picked up...

Can't wait to play with this!!! So now I'm looking to sell my smaller Cricut. So if anyone is in the market...LMK:)

I did some purging yesterday also when I was organizing other areas of my space. I was thinking I wasn't going to have enough to do the 911 sale in March, but...I do:) I filled up a box...not a big box, but there's quite a bit in there.

Here's another area I got together yesterday...

I went by Target and found al sorts of Vday scrap goodies in the $ Spot; flower brads (these look like little Primas with a gem brad in the center, some mini heart brads, some heart and flower blings, and some clear flower brads. I also picked up these really cute little boxes with Prima type blooms the last time and some brads that look like those conversation heart candies. Picked up to little pails for my sb area and two little plastic mail boxes for Vday. REALLY cute. You gotta go check out the $1 spot. They also had some really cool 8 1/2 x 11 magazine cardboard boxes in some very pretty patterns. Very cool stuff in there right now. Go check it out:) I'll post a pic of the goodies later. I've been really lazy about taking pics of my finds that I want to share:(

Yesterday was the first day I worked out since like Thanksgiving or something. I did 15 minutes and it was not that fun:( I didn't work out today, but def will tomorrow. Come Monday it's back to my old routine. Gotta get that weight off and get back on track with the diet:)

I saw this quote on my friend Estee's blog and I loved it...

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

I should write that down and put it on my fridge:)

Oh, and I got a great Christmas gift in the mail today from my friend Ang. She sent me a few packs of the mini spools of Vday ribbon from Target and the Flower Charms Sizzix die!!! I was SO wanting that one. Thanks BUNCHES, Ang. I have the best friends EVER:)


GINAJAM said...

I love your room...i kind of think the baskets would be cool!! I love those glass jars, too. You have some really fun stuff in your room. I need to get with it and get my room organized. I miss scrapping, but don't dare go in there until I make some sense of it!! Have a good time this weekend! Wish I could come. Say hi to the girls, too!

Lal said...

I like the new shelf, but you're right..for some reason the stuff DID look cuter on the black shelf...hmmm..wonder why?? Anywho, I say NAY on the the way it looks just like that.

monica said...

Hi! I was wondering if you have sold your little cricut yet? I am interested in buying it from you. Thanks- Monica