My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, I started to blog on Monday, left to pick up the kids and totally forgot about finishing it up. I turned off the computer and lost what I'd written so far:(...Not that it was anything super exciting as not much has been going on around here, but still...:)

I have been fighting this horrible cough/cold for over a week now. I am finally starting to feel some relief. SO glad:) I've been drinking alot of hot tea. That seems to help alot. I hadn't been getting much sleep cause the cough was keeping me up or waking me up and I couldn't get back to sleep:(

Despite my cold I was still able to get my weekly housework done with the exception of dusting. I am not ready to tackle that cause I know that is going to aggrivate my allergies and I am just beginning to feel better. I also need to trim the hedges outside...but same thing there. The turtle tank needs to be cleaned, but I so despise doing that. I need to get him a new filter though cause I am pretty sure that one has had it.

This Saturday we are cropping at 911 so I need to start getting my stuff ready. I only have one LO sketched out and possibly another. My mojo usually kicks in right before so I am hoping that will be the case.

We are going early so we will have alot of crop night so I need to have alot of LOs planned. Adriana is going to be cropping with us too. I really wish we could get more of our friends to make it out. It's been pretty scarce for a while, but I know everyone gets busy with work and kids and such.

I got a nice surprise in the mail last week. My friend Steph sent me a $20 gc to Hobby Lobby. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait for them to have a good sale so I can go do some shopping:) Thanks Steph!!!

I have not been working out since this whole cough/cold thing, but last night I did 10 minutes on the Eliptical before I took a shower. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised that I hadn't put on as much weight as I thought I had:) I only need to lose 5lbs. That is totally doable before Thanksgiving:)

Well, I am off to grocery shop and stop by the LSS for something I need for one of the LOs I am working on this weekend. I sure hope they have what I need.

I got a couple of LOs done, but have to take pics and upload. I'll put them up on my next post and probably this weekend's work as well:)


Lal said...

Can't wait for crop! I need to get on the ball as get my stuff packed!!

GINAJAM said...

Hope you're feeling girls have fun at the crop!! I had my fun last weekend, so I have stay home for a while :-) Can't wait to see layouts!!