My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's been a long busy weekend. Thanksgiving was really nice. We spent it over at Lal's. Stevie came to spend it with us also. Last year he spent it with his mom. The food was good, we were all together. We had a nice time. Lal and Miguel got Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360, so we took turns doing that. I am not so good at it. Stevie played most, trying to "win" them more songs...which he did:) I didn't really get any pics though:( So not much to scrap for Thanksgiving:(

Mattie had been staying over at Lal's with my mom, we dropped Victoria off at the inlaws and Stevie went back home that night. We went to bed pretty early to rest up for Black Friday shopping. We were up at 4am to be at Walmart before 5. There wasn't too much we wanted/needed, but it's become somewhat of a tradition for us so we were there:)

At Walmart I just got a few things...those wheelie type "shoes" for Victoria and Mattie, some pj's for Mikey and some DVDs for my collection.

We hit Target next. I got a really nice throw blanket for my bed that I'd been wanting, but didn't want to pay $50 for. Got it for $20:), some more DVDs, a video game for the Xbox 360 for Stevie and I got Steve the gold DS with the Zelda game.

Went to M's next. Got two Cricut carts (Base Camp and Tear Drop) and one of those Ott lights. Had been wanting one of those for a while and they had one on sale for $20. These are Xmas presents for me from Steve. He already opened his DS and has been playing it since yesterday so he said I could open my gifts he got me yesterday, but I haven't:)

We went and picked up Victoria after and went for breakfast then came home and took a nice break. Napped a bit, had lunch, watched some TV. I went by HL by Embassy later in the day and found the BG Mellow paper pack. I had already found the Figgy Pudding one the other day; both 1/2 off. Someone on mentioned they were also carrying Infuse, but I have yet to come across that one. I hope they get some of the other newer ones. I really want Periphery.

So after HL we took Victoria to the movies to see Magorium's Emporium. It was OK. She liked it.

We took Victoria to see Santa Claus today at Ingram. I was expecting a line like last year, but was SO pleasantly surprised to find a line of only about six ppl ahead of us!!! We were done in less than like 20 minutes:) We looked around the mall for a bit. Went to JCPenny and found Victoria quite a few pants for 60% off. She really needs some cause she is just growing SO fast and keeps outgrowing them. Not width wise, but length wise:) Let's see how long these last.

We went by Target later in the day and Steve got me the Ipod docking alarm clock...another Xmas gift:) I can't wait to use that one. I wanted it in pink, but they were out so I just got the black one. Maybe if I find the other one later, I'll take this one back and exchange it for the pink:)

So that's been my long weekend. I just got through watching Music & Lyrics; one of the DVDs I got yesterday. It was really cute and now we are watching Santa Clause 3. We just had some hot chocolate and cookies too:) Yummmy. It's back to the diet on Monday cause I have been so naughty:( So it's back to the couch to relax and wrap up in my throw. Although the colder weather is a welcome change, I hate being cold.

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