My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, August 9, 2007

These Days...

Today I received my license in the mail!!! Since I took the test, I had the temporary paper one and today I got my official license. Pretty cool:)

I have been driving around quite a bit. Monday I hit Hobby Lobby first thing in the am to pick up some of the Spare Parts stuff that is half off; cool little canisters of silk blooms and some cool embellies.

Also picked up the new Wild Asparagus paper pad that HL got in. Didn't have that one yet:)

Tuesday I went to my mom's and took her to run her errands. My mom took us out to lunch and then I headed back home.

Yesterday was my unmotivated, "chill" day. Just hung out at home and did pretty much nada, but today I called Lal up to see if she wanted to to run around with me so I went and picked her up. I went back to HL to get a couple more canisters of those silk blooms. I opened the ones I bought the other day and I just LOVED them. There are three different shaped blooms in three differnt shades of the color in each canister. I went back and got the pinks and yellows.

Went by Big Lots and found all these cool KI goodies that ppl over at were talking about.

Went next door to the Dollar Tree and picked up some of those foam thickers and stitched rubons for a friend of mine up in Michigan;)

Here's some really cool chipboards I found at DT last week. I kept hearing ppl on mention them, but I couldn't find them at any of the DTs here. Finally found them!!! They are the same ones that HL carries; Paper Studio, for $3.99!!!

Think that pretty much sums up what I've been up to. Hopefully get some scrapping done with all this new stuff I have bought:)


Estee said...

Holy wow!!! I need to go shopping with you! I never find anything fun!!!

GINAJAM said...

look at all of those goodies. you are set! i missed those spare flowers!! they are so cute!

love your new pic...

how is the driving goin?

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh wow your got your licence that is awesome how exciting and looks like your running around everywhere shopping, i am with estee i need to go shopping with you, everything looks fantastic and i can't wait to see your pages