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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yeah Me!!!

So yesterday and I went and took the written part of my driving test and...I passed!!! I only missed one question and that's because I second guessed myself or else I would have made a perfect score:) I am pretty psyched!!! I can't wait to get some more driving practice in:) I am giving myself one month from yesterday to get my driver's license. Wish me luck:)

So today Victoria was supposed to start her swim classes at the pool down the street. The class started at 10:30, so I figured I'd set the alarm to get up at 9:15. I changed the time, but totally forgot to set the alarm...Duh!!! But I only got up a few minutes late or so. So I'm making breakfast, tyding up and stuff before I head out. Victoria had changed into her swimsuit as soon as she got she was already ready. Just had to braid her hair to keep it out of her face. So we get sunscreen, got the towel, get the shoes and head out. We get there and the lifeguard/class teacher person informs us that the class has been cancelled for today because there is too much chlorine in the pool. Ugh!!! I do believe that when we filled out the paper work that we included our phone number. Someone couldn't have called us to let us know???!!!

So, they said they would be making up the class on Saturday which totally messes up my plans of going to my sis' house this weekend:( Total bummer!!! :( The classes are only from Tuesday-Friday for two weeks. So they will be done with next week.

So, we came home and Victoria filled up the tub and "swam" around in there for a while:) My MIL showed up a while ago with my BILs kids and took mine too:) They were going out for a bit. So I am sitting here in the living room, on the computer and can't think of a single thing to do:( I don't want to scrap since we'll be cropping next weekend and I already got all my chores done. I guess I should start thinking about what I am going to scrap and what I am going to use and such.

I want to work on V's grad cap/gown pics we took and some really nice pics I took a couple of weeks back outside. Oh, also a LO using her last day of school pic and her first day of school pic. Kind of a comparison LO and how fast time went by. Still need to get some more LO ideas going.

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Lal said...

Yay for passing your written test! You go with your bad self! LOL I guess I should start planning what I'll be scrapping next weekend too!! Hmmm.....