My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What Day Is It???

I know school has only been out for a bit, but already the days seem to be running into each other. Kind of like one long day. The days become so monotonous in the summer, I can't even remember what day it is anymore:(

Yesterday I went across the street and practiced my driving in a mostly vacant parking lot where the old Albertson's used to be. I tried parallel parking, but did not do very well:( But at least I didn't hit anything:) Just took me a while and it didn't look very pretty in the end.

I went by HL and did a little shopping. I only spent like $20 last week ( big milestone for me) and I'm feeling a little deprieved. I am really trying to save up though, but I gave myself a little splurge. What's a girl to do??? :)

I found two of the new Daisy D's "title type" rubons and these cool new Paper Studio stamps. Can't wait to use them. Also got another Swatch book of rubons and some MM large Hiedi in black. They had some other really cool stuff in a basket that wasn't marked yet though; some Imaginesce flowers and packs of Bazzill Bitty Blossoms!!! Too cool. I wonder what other new stuff they'll be getting in.

I also found these cool Kelly Panaci cardstock stickers. These are going to be great for a BOM page:)

So not much else going on around here. I am desperately looking forward to crop this month. I need to get out of this funk I am in lately:(

On somewhat or a brighter note, I am still working out everyday and I am only 5-10lbs away from my goal weight. I still haven't decided which one yet. Depends on how I think I look at either one:) I am really leaning towards the 10 though and it's been going pretty well, so it shouldn't take too long:)


Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow those stamps are gorgeous girl, you are the queen of awesome shopping indeed

Lal said...

I love those stamps! Can't wait to "borrow" them! Way to go on the losing weight!! :)

GINAJAM said...

Keep up the great job on the weight. I am trying to be good, too. It's just so hard!!

You always get the best stuff when you go shopping.

Did you ever get the pictures that I sent to Laura? I didn't have your let me know if you didn't get them from her!!