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My Scrap Space

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July...

Here's some pics from the morning. We all got matching shirts except Steve's didn't fit him:( Boo!!! Ignore my neighbor's trash can in the background. LOL

Pics of the kids at Fiesta Texas. We went to see the fireworks, but only went as far as the parking lot. We did NOT want to fight any crowds so we watched from our tail gate. Then zoomed out of there as soon as it was over to beat all the traffic. There was TONS of people in the parking lot watching as well as along the streets at The Rim and all around that area. We only spent about 20 or so minutes to get out of the traffic, but that's cause we were literally one of the first ones out of the parking lot. I can't imagine how long we would have been stuck there otherwise. Hours, I'm sure.

I hope everyone had a very nice holiday:)

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Ginajam said...

I think we had the same 4th of july t's! Great pics. We are missing Sea World a lot...and how fun to watch the fireworks from the back of your car!!