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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Been A Looong Week...

Well, it all started last Thursday. I got a call from the school nurse in the afternoon that Victoria had some kind of rash and needed to be picked up. So I rush over there and find her looking horribly. Red blotches and hives all over her neck, chest, back, lower scalp and the upper part of her arms. I couldn't imagine what it was.

I put her in the a bath off Aveeno as soon as we walked in the door and gave her some Benadryl. Ran to Walmart to get some Calamine lotion, more Benadryl and more Aveeno. Within about three to four hours the rash was cleared up almost completely and I noticed two bites on her shoulder. I was thinking the hives/rash was an allergic reaction to the bites so I dismissed it at that. Over night she began running a fever though and that worried me.

In the am I went to pick up my mom and we decided it was best to take her to the family doctor just for peace of mind. The area around the bites was still red and somewhat inflamed and warm to the touch.

Turns out the fever was because of a throat infection she had. The hives, the dr. said, were probably an allergic reaction and told me to get her some Zyrtec and just watch the bites to make sure they didn't get infected or something. She also got antibiotics for the infection.

So she ran a higher fever that night and we just gave her Motrin and Tylenol. Over the next couple of days it just kept getting worse. She ate less, layed around more and got chills on and off. She did not look good. Sunday her fever reached almost 105!!!

We called Ask a Nurse and were told that the antibiotics take at least 48 hours to take effect on the fever and that if she was still running it on Monday we should take her back to the dr. I guess it just needs to get really bad before it starts getting better because after that, the fever started to let up. She still ran, but not as high and it gradually started coming down.

Today was her last day at home. She ran no fever at all ALL day today and only a tiny low grade last night. She will be going back to school tomorrow. Unfortunately today was picture day and she missed out:( Hopefully there will be retakes.

I am glad that things are starting to get back to normal and we are out of the woods with that whole ordeal. It's so stressful when the kids are sick:( I'd much rather be sick myself.

So I got all my house chores done on time considering my sick patient. And I even got my LO done for this week's challenge on our private site.

This week's theme is alternative. We were given options to choose from. I chose 1 solid and 6 pp, all chipboard embellies and ribbon, 5x7 pic and song lyric/title. All my papers are Elsie from the HL pad. My title is chipboard Thickers in Prancer font. I painted the arrow and bracket using MM paint. I made my own heart "buttons" using chipboard hearts I made with my sis' Sizzix die, then made holes with my Silent Setter. Painted with MM paints and outlined with Zig pens and a Signo pen. The other chipboard arrow off to the side is covered in Elsie pp.

I have completed 15 LOs so far this year. Working towards my goal of 100 for the year. Only 85 more to go:)

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