My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Got Another One Done Today:)...

This is somewhat of an accomplishment for me. I usually have long spans of time between my scrappiness:) But I was just in the mood today and got one real quick one done. I think I have figured it out. Usually my LOs are more on the "complicated" side; lots of embellishments, intricate cutting, etc. etc. This simple style is fun and quick. I'm liking it. Maybe I'll get more done:)All papers I used are from the Elsie pad I got at HL; all Roxie line. The alpha stickers are Doodlebug Simply Sweet. I traced the antique shape onto my Elsie then cut with my Cutterbees. Then I traced around it and filled in some parts for the black and white border:)

The rest of my day was pretty routine. Did my grocery shopping as soon as I dropped the kids off at school. Got all my daily chores out of the way and made time to do my LO.

I've been going through stuff in the house and purging all sorts of stuff. We really have too much junk all over the place:(

Not sure what my plans are for tomorrow. Don't really have anything to do. Maybe I'll start pricing my LSS garage sale items and do the once over on my space/stuff.


GINAJAM said...

Good for you getting some quick layouts done. I say the same...we don't always have to spend so much time on each layout...sometimes it's good to make those quick/simple ones to just get some pictures done and out of the way. That layout is too cute and I turned the other way when I saw the Love, Elsie at HL. Of course, now I want it!!

Lal said...

I love your LO, but that monkey is scary looking!! LOL I went through my simpler LO phase too and I loved it! I still don't do as elaborate of LOs as you do, but maybe I should do some simple ones again.