My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is it Fall???

Well, I believe yesterday was the first day of Fall. You'd never know it from our weather though. Today my van was being worked on again so I had to walk to pick up Victoria from school. Granted it isn't a very long walk, it WAS pretty hot. It's funny how quickly we get accustomed to doing things the easy way. Last year I was walking back and forth every morning and afternoon to take her to and from school. I sure don't miss that.

I am sooo looking forward to some cooler mornings. We had a couple last week. So nice you just wanted to stay outside. October is just around the corner. We have already shopped for Halloween costumes. Victoria chose a pirate and Matthew chose Superman. I can't wait to take pics and scrap some Halloween LOs. Maybe this year I won't wait so long to get them scrapped:)

So in honor of Fall, I will be hosting a Fall RAK. Just post a comment in my blog and let me know what you love about Fall and I will let my daughter draw a name next week. I will be sending you a nice RAK of Fall embellies:)

I tried doing a little scrapping today, but I was in a bit of a funky mood and didn't get much done. Tomorrow I need to run to the store and do my grocery shopping.

My mom went home today. Actually to Lal's. She spent the last few days here cause someone tried to break into her house on Monday. They managed to pull off the window screens and break one of the bedroom windows. They didn't take anything, but we are not sure whether or not they made it into the house. No one knows what set off the alarm. Alot of good it does to have an alarm system when the company didn't even dispatch police. Ugh!!!

Yesterday was picture day for Victoria. Here's a quick pic I took before school.



GINAJAM said...

That's scarey about your mom's place. I hope they don't try again.

I'm so ready for fall and a change in the weather!! I want to put on a long sleeved shirt so badly!!

Lal said...

I love V's top. Is that a dress or a top? It's pretty! I want some fall embellies...pick me, Victoria...I'm your favorite aunt ;) My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler weather of course! I'm so sick of the heat and humidity already. I want to wear some sweaters!! :)