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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Happened to Monday??? Where is Monday???

So yesterday I drove around some more. I drove quite a bit of Bandera. That is something I hadn't really done yet that I wanted to do before I take my test. It really wasn't bad at all. Now all I gotta do is drive De Zavala. For some reason, these two streets have been a bit of an intimidation for me. I am pretty sure I have driven busier streets, but something about these two...???

Anyway, I went down Bandera to the HL off Huebner...bought a pack of paper with my coupon and picked up an application.

As much as I hate to say this cause it makes me feel like a total traitor, I drove down Bandera to Scrapbook Heaven. Picked up a sheet of Elsie fabric paper for crop night and an application. I would LOVE to work at 911, but it's a little out of my way. This location is just alot more convenient. Anyway...I am standing at the counter while the woman is ringing me up (she was a bit confused as to what the price of the paper was...I could have told her. I pretty much know how much everything sb related costs;)...So anyway, I'm standing there and I look down into this little ceramic pot thingie on the counter and there they were!!! Signo pens!!! I almost screamed...seriously. I even gasped out loud...LOL...the lady asked if I was OK...LOL...I was like, "OMG!!! I have been looking for this pen FOREVER!!! So I picked up two. There was only one left and she said that was more in stock. I might pick it up today when I go drop off my application;) I am sure Lal wants one.

So after the sb store, I went across the parking lot to the Dollar Tree. Picked up a few things in there that I hadn't intended on buying. They had some really cool stitched rubons and foam alphas like the AC Thickers. Oh, and these metal tile thigies...also AC. Picked up an application there too. The girl who rang me up said she had JUST started working there and not to get discouraged if they didn't call right away. She said they'd probably call me by the time school starts up again:)

So after that, I drove to the DMV to practice my parallel again. I really need to be nailing every single one. It has to be just perfect...I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist. I just really want to do well. I am taking my test this week and I am freakin' out a bit. I need someone to talk me back down:)

Looks like rain again today. I have to admit, I kind of like the rain better than the horrible heat we had this past Sunday...Whew, it was HOT!!! The only time I dislike the rain is when I have to drive...LOL

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