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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Matthew. We celebrated Matthew's 13th birthday on Sunday. His actual birthday was on Saturday. I am now officially the mother of a teenager.

We took him to go see the new Harry Potter movie at the Palladium and then to lunch at Red Robin's. We met my inlaws there and did the whole "cake and presents" thing. He was pretty happy with it all.

Here's a couple of pics:)

They surprised Matthew at Red Robin's with a free birthday sundae and the whole restaurant joined in singing him "Happy Birthday".

Here's a pic from the movie theatre. Last time we were there, they had this display up, but you couldn't get close enough. I guess from this pic you can see why. Someone obviously broke off the arm of Homer Simpson:( But the kids were really excited to sit on the "couch" to take the pic.Found some really cool new goodies at Hobby Lobby. Take a look:

Hobby Lobby has got a whole line of new Elsie stuff in!!! :) Paper packs, cardstock sticker, rubons, stamps, ribbons and albums. Right now all paper, stickers and rubons are half off. I got mine at the Bandera/Huebner one; in Leon Valley. They had an entire end cap with all the Elsie stuff. The one over on Rogers Rd. didn't have as much, but I am pretty sure all the stores are getting them in. I got the tip from a post someone posted on Two Peas. I really only go on there to browse the gallery, but for some reason I wandered into the message board and luckily found the thread with pics;)

I drove and dropped the kids over at the pool down the street this morning. Getting in some more driving practice. Hopefully I will be going to take my test next week. I have not been able to get a hold of my bf about the replacement part for the light on the van. My aunt said she's take me and I could use her car to take my test. I just gotta drive her car around a bit since I am used to driving our big van:)


Lal said...

LOVE that Elsie stuff, but I didn't get it. I only spent $10 at HL if you can believe that! I love that pic with the kids and the Simpsons. We need to go take one too!!

GINAJAM said...

Happy Belated Birthday Matthew!! Looks like you all had such a good time. I love that simpson's display at the movies!!

you scored at HL with Elsie. The Bitters location didn't have much left when I got there. i guess i'll use what i have first. did you see what she debuted at CHA? It's awesome!!