My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Have I Been???..

I am just realizing (looking at my blog) that I have not updated all month. It's not like I haven't been sitting here. VERY peculiar:)

Anyway, it does seem like the month went by SUPER fast. Summer is just around the corner. V is very excited about that and keeps counting the days until school is over:) I can't believe she'll be in the second grade next year and next year will be Mattie's last year in middle school!!! He'll be a Freshman the following year. OMG!!! Freaking out here!!! :)

So Fiesta has come and gone. We did one night of Oyster Bake. It was nice; ideal weather...except towards the end of the night it got pretty windy and dirt was blowing around and I got the worst allergy headache:(

We dropped an easy $100 plus there. With tickets, parking and food and drink...We met up with some friends and had a good time:)

I have spent the last two days doing yard work. Not very good for my allergies, but it hasn't affected me very much at all...Plus:) I trimmed down the hedges in front ALOT. It has made a HUGE difference. Cleaned up the courtyard. Gotta work on that soon too. Get the fountain in and those pavers out and the river rock and some plants in there too:)

Hopefully we'll be getting some nice weather so I can work out there in the mornings or early evenings. We had some really nice ones this past week. We REALLY need some rain though. I've been watering up front like every other morning after I get the kids off to school. Running the sprinkler for about an hour and a half.

We have decided that this year we are not getting Fiesta Texas season passes. We didn't use them too much last year. So we are putting in one of those metal framed pools instead. The kids will get more use out of that since they can use it EVERYDAY:) Plus we really want to limit our driving with gas prices being so outrageous.

Funny thing yesterday though. I went out in the morning and gas was $3.43 at this one gas station by my house that usually has the cheapest gas, then in the afternoon, I went by there again and the price had gone DOWN to $3.39!!! That is a first. I have not seen gas go DOWN in a while. I was tempted to fill up, but I was still a little over half a tank. No telling what the price will be today or tomorrow or ten minutes from now for that matter:)

I've also been doing some serious shopping. I SO Need to cut that out. I'd post pics, but seeing it makes it more REAL...LOL...I'll just list things I can think of off the top of my head...hee hee

Lots of really cool stuff at M's. Got two Prima paper pads (96 sheets each), 3 bottles of Primas and 3 "boxes"...YES, they have Prima stuff!!! I got all my stuff with a 40% off coupon. Can't beat that. Got lots of cool AC felt, chipboard canisters and rubons at BL for $2!!! At 911 the other night I picked up some of the Pink Paislee (they still had some:) and two of the Fancy Pants 12x12 chipboards. Hit HL and got BG paper packs; Sultry, Archaic and Periphery for 1/2 off!!! Also got the new Cogsmo line from Cosmo Cricket. Stocked up on adhesive and got a new punch. Oh...and I got two of the new Martha Stewart border punches at M's too; the lace doilie one and the zig zag embossing one. I tried them out earlier and they are WAY cool.

I've been getting some scrapping done too. Maybe not as much to justify my spending...but still:) I set a goal of completing 100 LOs for the year. I am at 43 so far. Not bad;) Here's some of my lastest...

OK...Think I'll close with this overload of LOs. TFL :)


Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow girl you may be doing some serious shopping but blow me over you have been doing some serious scrapping too.

love your layouts there all just gorgeous

Kristi B. said...

dang, you've been busy! They are all so cute. Love all your finishing touches. Love your scrap space too!